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Musical Theatre in Corporate Events

Musical Theater in Corporate Events - Lovegrove Entertainment

Ever since it was created, musical theatre entertainment has always been one form of performance art that never fails to impress and stir the viewers’ hearts. The stories accompanied by the unique tunes entertained the elite from many years. But what was initially limited to presentation in grand theatres eventually became more versatile and flexible over the years.

In fact, musical theatre songs and performances have now crossed to the corporate entertainment scene as evidenced in the repertoire of many entertainment companies around the globe. In Sydney, Australia for example, Lovegrove Entertainment stands out as a company that houses world-class stars of music theatre that perform the best songs from the best shows popularized in the theatre.

Founded by Darryl Lovegrove, who is an award winning actor in his own right, Lovegrove Entertainment offers acts delivering dynamic performances, a lot of which originated from the theatre. One of the main popular theatre-inspired acts is The Leading Men: a two time ‘Entertainer of the Year’ nominee at the Australian Event Awards who have delighted many audiences. Some of their most iconic songs they perform are from Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, Singin’ in the Rain, Wicked, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Annie, Evita, Spamalot, A Chorus Line, and many others.
The success of The leading Men is particularly celebrated in the kinds of feedback that the group continues to receive. The dashing men of The Leading Men serenade the ladies in the crowd and leave the gentlemen in awe of their powerful and often humorous and creative theatre inspired performances.

Corporate parties, weddings, anniversaries or whatever the occasion, the sound of theatre continues to make people laugh, cry, sing, and groove. Musical theatre entertainment continues to create a jovial spirit in the crowd regardless of whether they wear tuxedos and dresses or shorts and skirts. The classic splendor of theater performances is never erased and more accessible than ever.

In the Sydney entertainment scene, heartfelt theatre performances in company events take the cake as one of the most requested. The popularity of musical theater performances is a testament of how diverse the world of entertainment is and how easily attainable.

It also goes to show that even without the robes, sparkling set pieces, or in sync back up dancers, as long as you get the right performers, theatrical performances will be very well received by the crowd. This is because of the heart attached to every song and the unique brilliance of the performers.

Darryl Lovegrove is an award winning corporate entertainment producer, keynote speaker & MC with a global business success story of ‘operatic’ proportions. In 2009 he founded Lovegrove Entertainment which has produced 9 acts including two time Australian Event Awards ‘Entertainer of the Year’ finalists THE LEADING MEN as well as the 2012 winner DARRYL & HARMONY. He has twice been voted as the event industry’s top 5 best performers in Spice Magazines ‘Hot 100’ and is now one of Australia’s most in demand MC’s. For further information email info@darryllovegrove.com or visit www.darryllovegrove.com.