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Organising a gala dinner, whether it’s a corporate event or fundraiser, generally takes months of planning.  Company executives, corporate donors and other benefactors will be present and they’ll expect a good balance between the speeches and the entertainment.

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In this day and age, too many speeches will bore the audience and may result in a loss of focus and attention during the gala dinner. The event needs to be organised in such a way that the overall message is clearly passed on and felt and even celebrated. Booking quality entertainment is the key in making sure the core messages are complemented well by the entertainment provided for the ‘fun side’ of any gala dinner.


Of course, professional entertainers, whether it be a fun party band, DJmusical theatre act,  Motown show or solo singers should be there to provide a memorable experience and keep the guests from getting bored. So, what points should the fundraising event manager consider when hiring the entertainment for any gala dinner? As Australia’s leading entertainment agency, we’ve listed a few tips below.


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Opt for ‘quality’ acts

This is the most important and should be on top of your list. It’s potentially disastrous to hire party entertainers who are cheap. You risk offering your audience an underwhelming experience. Remember that quality corporate party entertainment can transform even the most boring program to a wonderful one.

Professional entertainers are a must

Choose experienced and professional entertainers who can handle the crowd. What better way to guarantee that you, the event planner, gets the entertainment you ask for than hiring experienced party entertainers for hire?

Event length

This point is less concerned about the performers, but more on the event itself. The objective here is to keep the audience from getting bored and direct their attention to the event at hand. Whilst ‘too much entertainment’ can never really be a bad thing you still need to juggle the ratio of speeches/presentation to entertainment and of course time to chat or network.


How much is your budget for your party entertainment? If you want world-class performances, you can contact companies like Lovegrove Entertainment and let them know about your budget and their team will gladly accommodate you with an act that fits the price range.


What kind of performances do you want for your event? Good fundraising event entertainment should be entertaining but still in line with whatever the theme may be.

Feedback from event planners

To know if you’re getting your money’s worth, it pays to ask around and get an idea as to the types of entertainment acts other event planners have found to be successful. Read the testimonials and watch the promo videos on their respective websites.

gala dinner entertainment


Our entertainment acts suitable for gala dinner events

DARRYL AND HARMONY : This father / daughter duo perform a combination of duets and solos, Broadway blockbusters and operatic arias they also present their own unique take on contemporary classics. Watch Darryl and Harmony perform »

GATSBY’S COTTON CLUB PARTY : Imagine going back to the dangerous and exciting times of the 1920’s, when alcohol and gambling were prohibited and swing and jazz ruled. Get ready for an amazing show to take you back to the Roaring 20’s and bring you back to the Crooning 50’s. Watch Gatsby’s Cotton Club Party perform »

JERSEY TO MOTOWN : Jersey to Motown is a non-stop heart-pounding homage to the music that defined a generation! Invoking the spirit of some of the world’s most iconic and legendary performers, this high energy band brings back the unforgettable sounds of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Watch Jersey to Motown perform »

THE LEADING MEN :  The Leading Men’ are one of Australia’s most popular, enduring and respected corporate entertainment acts.  They have entertained at hundreds of corporate, charity and private events and been hand-picked to perform for various Royal families on numerous occasions. Watch The Leading Men perform »

THE LEADING MEN AND A LEADING LADY : Inspired by the greatest songs of stage and theatre and featuring a true “leading lady” of the musical theatre stage – this is the best of Broadway in one show. Featuring stars of many renowned Australian productions The Leading Men & a Leading Lady is the next best thing to going to an actual musical. Watch  The Leading Men and  a Leading Lady perform »

SWINGIN LA VIDA LOCA : Imagine two of Australia’s most renowned Michael Buble and Ricky Martin tribute shows being ‘accidentally’ double booked at your event! This creates a highly interactive and entertaining performance that audiences love.  Watch Swingin La Vida Loca perform »

THE LOVE GROOVERS : The Love Groovers Band is Sydney’s number one energy party band. With a huge repertoire list to suit all occasions, the Love Groovers gives you non stop party tunes from disco to swing, Motown to Latin and from funk to pop. Watch The Love Groovers perform »

TIME MACHINE DANCE PARTY : Time Machine Dance Party is an immersive, fully dance party experience which takes party-goers on a one hour journey through the greatest and most iconic pop music hits, beginning at 1955 through to present. The music track is supported by a compelling big screen AV presentation featuring footage of the original artist for each song…but… mixed with footage of significant events for each year. Watch how Time Machine Dance Party works »

For all your gala dinner entertainment solutions, contact Lovegrove Entertainment

As mentioned above, organising a gala dinner can be complicated and laborious. But remember that the key to everything is balance. And if you get all points on entertainment right, then your guests should go home satisfied and with fond memories. After all balance, elegance, and quality are the keys to a successful event.

So if you are planning to hire professional entertainers for your next gala dinner or corporate event, check out our variety of acts and performers.  We are Australia’s leading entertainment agency and will ensure you and your company stand out from the crowd.

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