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Three event management tips organisers often overlook


For the uninitiated, organising an event – whether it’s a private celebration with friends, corporate dinner or wedding – can be extremely nerve wracking and fraught with problems. There is so much to think about to ensure nothing goes wrong. Regardless of whether your the lead event manager, or part of an organisation team, we’ve put together three truths that will help you put together an event that is stress free and goes off without a hitch.


Dead air is a mortal sin

“Dead air” is a mortal sin in any event.  It means the interruption in the program due to an unexpected mishap or unpreparedness of the event management team.

Experienced event managers however know pretty well how to handle these mishaps, but if you’ve decided on doing it all yourself and are yet to experience the dread of having to manage a sudden mishap or such disturbing interference then good luck to you and may the force be with you.

Kidding aside, if you’re organising or managing an event, remember to re-check and review every aspect of the event including what is needed if you need to turn to Plan B. And you of course must have a Plan B…

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Food matters

If you’re organising a formal event, you can expect that your guests will remember the food. Whether it’s top-class or not, guests are very likely to have something to say about the food and how they enjoyed it.

Aside from the taste of the food, other small matters of the food should also be considered. Should you go for appetisers or a full meal? How much will it cost? Who will serve them and how will it be served?

It’s also worth noting that this careful event planning isn’t only applicable to food, other parts of the event should have its own planning, too, such as parking, table arrangements, audio and visual technicalities, and, most importantly, the entertainment.

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Event budget alternatives

Budget is a very important part of event management. Cost determines how far you’ll be able to go when it comes to food, venue, entertainment and other specific elements of the party. However, remember that a good party doesn’t have to be extremely expensive.

Sometimes, it depends on your selection of service providers, guaranteeing that your party will flow smoothly. For example, if you’re on a budget, a tasty, simple meal would do better compared to a small yet expensive one.

As for the event entertainment, you can also try to negotiate with good performers or entertainment agencies and see how you can make your budget work for the event. Contact us for advice.  We have professional entertainers, party bands, singers and DJs to suit any event budget.

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