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Why choosing the right event entertainment is paramount to the success of your occasion


To have a successful corporate special event, one must consider several factors which includes careful planning and hiring the right event entertainment.

Depending on the type of event and the desired outcomes the thing that most guests will be likely to remember at such an occasion is the quality of entertainment they were able to experience on the night.

A large quantity of an event’s total budget winds up getting spent on the staple elements, like food, beverages, venue and equipment. But above all, the corporate event entertainment must also be prioritised. Here are 3 top reasons why:


Professional entertainers know how to deal with a tough crowd

At events people want to engage with each other, network and enjoy each other’s company. There’ll always be a period in any event, however, where it’s nice to be diverted and as a group enjoy some sort of entertainment. They want to appreciate the effort the organisers made in taking the trouble to bring in a hopefully entertaining and engaging act that will raise the spirits of all attending and maybe even transform the event to an even higher level. There’s nothing more disappointing for an event planner noticing that the act they’ve booked haven’t been able to engage with their audience and that the desired effect has failed. The audience may have become distracted and disengaged. Therefore, keeping their senses busy throughout the event with good food, short and compelling speeches is a must but just as important is hiring a reputable act who know how to gain and keep an audiences attention. It doesn’t mean 100% of the audience as there’ll always be a percentage who aren’t interested but at least a core group who want to enjoy ‘the vibe’.

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Professional corporate entertainers know their objectives

When supplying the entertainment for corporate party events, professional corporate entertainers are usually able to quickly gain a good sense of the crowd that they are going to perform in front of, as well as what they want to achieve when they perform. Whether it’s to wow the audience, make them laugh, or get them to dance, world class entertainment producers, such as Lovegrove Entertainment, know what most audiences want and how to deliver it.

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Corporate events have unique demands compared to regular events

Choosing entertainment for corporate events involves a process where it’s not just about a person or a couple. it’s about an organisation celebrating a special achievement or a shared celebratory experience with clients. And so, it’s important that people from different age groups, genders, and staff/management positions enjoy the entertainment provided. That’s why it’s important that professional performers and quality party entertainers are hired to entertain such a diverse and sophisticated audience.

Corporate events do not have to be bland occasions where people simply get to dress up and talk. It could be a memorable evening that leave guests with smiles on their faces and long memories of world class entertainment.

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We are event entertainment experts

If you’re planning to create a one of a kind and unforgettable experience, contact us today and let our team full of experienced corporate entertainment party ideas contribute to the success of your event, meeting or business conference.  We can assist with all your event entertainment requirements including singers, bands for hire, DJs and MC services.  We cater to all budgets and our entertainers are available to travel to all capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne,  Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Alice Springs and regional centres.

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