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Tip #2 Event Entertainment Ideas – Choosing suitable event entertainment

 Hi, I’m Darryl from Lovegrove Entertainment. We produce fabulous ‘wow-factor’ entertainment acts that transform events. In this series I’m sharing my top 7 things to think about when hiring entertainment.

OK so you’ve been working really hard putting this event together.  You’ve chosen a great menu and the perfect venue. But if the entertainment you’ve booked leaves your audience bored or even heading outside, you’ve blown it. People are counting on you to make the event fun, memorable, engaging and in good taste.

So, it’s your responsibility and you have to get the entertainment right. Because at the end of the day, no-one will remember the food, the wine or the table settings but they will remember, good and bad, the entertainment. So what are some of the things you need to think about when hiring quality entertainment?

What does your audience want?

Today we’re focusing on point #2 and that’s thinking about what kind of entertainment will work for your particular attendees.

In many ways you have to brush off your own tastes and think hard about the kind of entertainment most of your guests will enjoy. You simply can’t please everyone but you can get close.

So what kind of event are you planning? – is it high energy dance floor focused, is it a more conservative audience who prefer something in a more classical sense. Is it a sophisticated stand up cocktail?

A string quartet would provide the perfect ambience for an elegant setting but won’t be appropriate for a younger crowd hoping to get on to the dance floor. A popular opera or music theatre ‘wow-factor’ show will be perfect for an awards night or fund-raising dinner or a wedding reception but will lack potency in a stand up-cocktail party where people have a drink in one hand and an hor’derve in the other and they can’t even applaud and they really just want to talk.

Australia is blessed with well rehearsed, world class acts that are able to come straight in to your event and do a great job. You just need to think carefully about hiring an act that suits your attendees tastes and envisage what they might want to get out of the event.

Well, I hope that helps. Look out for the other ‘top 7 idea’ videos in this series. Thanks for listening and please feel free to leave comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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Darryl Lovegrove is an award winning corporate entertainment producer, keynote speaker & MC with a global business success story of ‘operatic’ proportions. In 2009 he founded Lovegrove Entertainment which has produced 9 acts including two time Australian Event Awards 'Entertainer of the Year' finalists THE LEADING MEN as well as the 2012 winner DARRYL & HARMONY. His keynote, ‘Passion, Perseverance…and Puccini’ focuses on his co-creating the worldwide phenomenon ‘The Three Waiters’, expanding internationally to build a global brand and surviving 9/11 before establishing his own company. He has twice been voted as the event industry's top 5 best performers in Spice Magazines 'Hot 100' and is now one of Australia's most in demand MC's. For further information email info@darryllovegrove.com or visit www.darryllovegrove.com.