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Entertainment Ideas for Different Events

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Organizing an event can be quite rewarding, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful. From finding caterers to sending invites to the guests all the way to ensuring nothing goes wrong or out of the plan on the actual event, the organizer will have to multi-task all the time.

A lot of calls would have to be made, and every single aspect will have to be regularly checked up on. But if you’ve ever tried organizing any occasion, you’ll know that venue, sound and lighting systems, food, and entertainment are the most crucial. Everything else are easier to manage when things go wrong, except for these four.

But among the four, it’s in the entertainment portion that will pose the most choices for any organizer. The length and genre of the acts will have to blend with the event and the entertainers will need to provide a world class performance.

The length of each entertainment act will depend highly on the program. The genre, however, is one thing that event organizers get to decide and manage. So in this article, we will look into 6 different genres that event organizers can mix and match for any event:

  1. Operatic – Who doesn’t love to hear a really good performance of popular theater songs? Opera entertainment is popular especially for formal events. They’re entertaining, heart-warming, and are notorious for leaving guests in awe of the performances they just witnessed.
  2. Jazz – If you’re looking for a vintage kind of feel for your event, Jazz entertainers can be the perfect people to give you classy but upbeat tunes as the night progresses.
  3. Classical – Another crowd favorite for formal events; classical music has been known to complement the elegant ambiance and sophistication of the guests. Powerful performances can turn any event from nice to extra glamorous.
  4. Pop – This genre is probably one of the most popular and dynamic on the list. Whether you’re looking for a Jersey Boys Show kind of performance or prefer pop-folk or tribute show more, this genre is widely accepted by a lot of people from all walks of life.
  5. Blues/funk/top 40 cover band – If you’re looking into getting your guests out of their chairs and into the dance floor, this genre can do the magic. This genre may have been popularized some decades ago, but it still doesn’t fail to get the audiences’ grooves going.
  6. Stand-up comedy – Okay, this may not be a genre in music compared to the others listed above. But this is one of the most entertaining. While not all acts have to be stand up comedies, a good 10 to 15 minutes of laughter and smiles can be refreshing for the audiences. As always make sure you’ve seen a comedian beforehand and make sure the content is suitable for your audience.

So there you go, a few ideas for your entertainment acts. You can choose to use one genre throughout the event or mix and match them as suggested above. But another important thing to remember is to hire professionals who can handle your audiences. Some bands are even able to accompany your performers. Lovegrove Entertainment is a really good option if you’re looking into getting a professional entertainment company.

Darryl Lovegrove is an award winning corporate entertainment producer, keynote speaker & MC with a global business success story of ‘operatic’ proportions. In 2009 he founded Lovegrove Entertainment which has produced 9 acts including two time Australian Event Awards ‘Entertainer of the Year’ finalists THE LEADING MEN as well as the 2012 winner DARRYL & HARMONY. He has twice been voted as the event industry’s top 5 best performers in Spice Magazines ‘Hot 100’ and is now one of Australia’s most in demand MC’s. For further information email info@darryllovegrove.com or visit www.darryllovegrove.com.